European Business Ethics, RUC 28. September 2019. With Unang Mulkhan

Conferences from 1996-2019

EGOS: Meet the editors, 2017

I have since 1996 participated in several conferences with paper presentations of my research in leadership, values, and responsibility.


Here are some of the conferences, I have participated in over the years:

26.-27. september 2019: "The Concept of Guilt", Track on Explanations of Scandals, (chair of ), EBEN, RUC

16. september, 2019: Seminar med Jacob Rendtorff: "Hvordan forklarer vi skandalerne?". RUC

1.-2. July, 2019: UnConference,Research of Management and Leadership Education,Croatia: Paper: "What is responsibility without guilt" and "Aethethics in Leadership education" (with Maribel Blasco)

February, 2019: Seminar, Århus University, Lutheranism and the Welfare State. Paper: "Managers' interpretation of sick leave"

8.-10. juli 2017. Conference: "Economic Theology":  Paper: Guilt as curse and gift.

6.-10. juli 2017. Conference: EGOS at Copenhagen Business School. I was chairing the session: Meet the editors: Martin Sheep (Human Relations). Martyna (Management and Learning). Allison Pullen (Gender and Work). Hans Hasselbladh (Scandinavian Journal of Management).

July 2016, Berkeley: SASE. Paper: The gift to society. Comparing two centuries of gift-giving.

August 2016, Bergen: Business History Conference. Paper: The gift to society. Comparing two centuries of gift-giving.

February 2015, Kyoto, Japan. Business History Network. Responsibility and guilt in public leadership.

October 2012, Bielefeld. Luhmann network: Responsibility and guilt in public leadership.

August 2012, Trondheim. Kierkegaard network.

2011. Iceland ECPR. Paper: School leadership.

Autumn 2010, Helsinki. Paper: School leadership.

August 2010: AOM, Montreal, Canada: Seduction of leadership.

2009: ECPR, Warwick: Paper: The managementality and the shaping of the child in contemporary school governing