Presentation Dr. Camilla Sløk, Copenhagen Business School

Leadership and Ethics

I hold a position as Associate Professor at Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School, since 2004 (16 years).

The key word for my research is ethics and dilemmas, particularly clashes of values between groups and individuals in society; organization and leadership.

My research interests are 1) Public Sector Leadership, primarily New Public Management and 2) Economic Theology.

The link between Public Sector Leadership and Economic Theology is my deep interest in how theological semantics and epistemology still runs hidden in the European mind, i.e. also organizations and leaders when it comes to justifying how things are.


The reviewer wrote on my paper on theology and business legitimacy:

"This is a very competent analysis of theology and business legitimacy. The paper shows how the theological ideas of Protestantism and of in particular Martin Luther are important in the contemporary concepts of love and responsibility behind concepts of business ethics and business legitimacy. This important for the development of the concept of responsibility. It is interesting how the paper relates love, responsibility and accountability in relation to economics and business. Moreover, the paper proposes a modern concept of justice relating to discussions of economics and the market of business organizations. The paper is well argued and includes a very pedagogical presentation. The paper can be accepted for publication in the Handbook of Business Legitimacy.  "


Research field

I have done research for more than 20 years, in different fields: 1) theology, 2) sociology of religion, 3) sociology and systems theory, primarily Niklas Luhmann, 4) school leadership in public sector, 5) existential dilemmas of leadership, and 6) pastoral care and counseling.


Current research subject

My current research field is responsibility and guilt in leadership, where I look at why responsibility disappears in organisations. I'm particularly interested in the difference between how leaders understand situations of failure, scandals, and mistakes in one way, while the environment sometimes view the subject of responsibility quite differently. To put it short, the leaders often view themselves as being less powerful of the organisation than the environment does. 

Short CV

I graduated as Master of Theology at Copenhagen University in 1996. The discipline of theology means learning history, semantics, philosophy, ethics, and languages (Latin, Ancient Greek, Hebrew, German). 

I graduated as Master of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1997.

I graduated as a Ph.D. from Copenhagen University, Theology Department in 2004, with a thesis on expectations to pastoral care, with perspectives to Martin Luther and Niklas Luhmann.

I joined Copenhagen Business School, Denmark in 2004, where I still am an associate professor at Department of Organization.

I went to Harvard Business School in 2010 for GloColl. 

I have presented my research at several international conferences and seminars, e.g. USA (2010, 2011 and 2016),  Germany (2006), Croatia 2019) England (2017), Iceland (2011), Finland (2012), Japan (2015), Singapore (2015), Canada (2012), Norway (2018), Sweden (2003), and Denmark (2019).

 I am an invited reviewer at Journal of Management Learning; Humanistic Journal of Management; Journal of Business Ethics; Organization, and more.